Welcome to AcademyMOD, and let us take you on a little tour of all the features on our online music magazine!

Different kinds of music affects us psychologically, mentally & even physically. Is the hype around the “Mozart Effect” really true? Can it really boost IQ & stuff? Here we give you a little insight on some health tips for incorporating music into your lifestyle.

Our fellow music lovers across the world are always experimenting with music. Just seconds after an artist releases a new song, there are already people making acoustic covers & dubstep remixes. Here we like to share what goes on around town, and what peeps are up to. Trends both new & from back then.

Sometimes music tools, programs & instruments can be a hassle. Like earphones. You need them, but there’s always this one small chore you have to live with. Like untangling them. What if we told you that there’s a way around them? Here we’re going to expose a few little tips, tricks & techniques: Simple life hacks that would make our lives a little bit easier.

Have you heard of the Piano & Violin House in China? Music can sometimes be a brilliant source of ideas & inspiration for designers/architects when they venture onto new projects. Even Mother Nature has a fair share of her own creations that strikingly look like, for example, musical instruments. Monuments, buildings & homes dedicated to music. Here is where we showcase them.



There are always people out there, be it a group, a community or an individual who push harder to improve themselves or help other people. To make a difference in one or both. Either way they always become a source of inspiration & motivation for the rest of us. Here we feature these people & the things they do.

Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, somebody out there is with a pen & paper, composing a new song. The music world never sleeps. And where there are lyrics, musicians are always seeking to spread a message. Words of advice. A warning. A piece of wisdom. Introducing us into their lives & their world. This is where we break down their lyrics & MVs for all our curious peeps.

Photo(s) Credit: Favim.com #music

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