About Our Shop

Apart from being an online magazine, AcademyMOD also features an online shop!

Amazon Store

illus. appadvice.com

Most of us know that Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world, selling just about anything & everything we might be looking for. There will be a huge selection of goods to choose from, and we ponder over which is the best buy. Here is where we come in. We spend a considerable amount of time looking for quality, reliability & good pricing: The best out there. Each & every item in our specialized Amazon Store are hand-picked. So, for all things music, let us do the analyzing.

You just do the choosing.

CB Marketplace

illus. jamorama.com




Some of us might be looking for something else. We don’t really like making trips to Sunday guitar classes that last only an hour per session. So we take our learning journey online, where all the material is and where we can learn at our own pace & leisure. Special programs on the web, like a complete guide to guitar playing, with 24/7 live online support & community. This is what our ClickBank Marketplace is all about–we look out for what’s good out there on the wide web, and then we share it with you.

You just decide if you are up for it.

We’re always looking out for the good stuff, so stay tuned for blog updates on our “Shop”. And we hope you have a wonderful shopping experience with our retailers!

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