About AcademyMOD

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything.”

►Music: The Universal Language
Music. A universal language spoken by just about every culture & society in all corners of the world. Across times of old and now present day. Places, people and technology have been developed over the ages in the name of music. Countless books, digital & paperback, have been written about it. Even divine texts, such as the Bible, make references to music. In today’s age of MVs(music videos), iPods, Android/Apple music apps and of course MP3, your favourite music is just a click away. And it seems that music today, especially from the pop scene, are just for entertainment. But music never loses meaning.

We want to bring this world of music to you in a simple, neat online magazine. A music tech blog tailored to educate & inspire music lovers all over the world. Across all genres and from every kind of music, trends & technology. We want to bring out the cool stuff the music world has to offer. So just sit back, relax & enjoy while we bring you on a trip to discover the vast world of your own playlist!

►Your Host : Arkangel
Even for a dashing young music blog like AcademyMOD, some people have to work the backstage, adjust the make-up & fine-tune the website to make sure it’s beautiful before hitting the stage. Just like our favourite artists. Especially for our global audience, you guys. AcademyMOD tour guide, host & webmaster Arkangel gets inspired by & learns from various authors, musicologists, artists, places, and you.

We launched AcademyMOD with our very first post on a mid-morning, on 25 April 2013. After nearly 6 months of planning & scrapping on the drawing board. Since then, Arkangel has been letting fly a fresh article almost everyday. We published it first as academy.wordpress.com. After building up a steady stream of content, we secured our current domain academymod.com with WordPress on 23 May 2013.

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