Working Out To Music & Your Gym Playlist



Music, The Workout Tool
Just thinking about having to work out can be a little daunting. Because our thoughts go to the part where we have to exert, go sweaty and get tired, we become less motivated. But music seems to have a strange power. It can somehow flush these thoughts, and during the workout even give us better endurance & make us exercise harder. For the simple reason that it allows our brain to focus on the tempo of the music, distracting it from our own muscles whining about their fatigue. In fact some people can’t seem to detach themselves from their “gym” playlist when working out anymore. Burning calories just becomes that much more enjoyable when our favourite music is flowing into our ears.

The power of music to turn a dull routine into something fun & enjoyable is probably nothing short of amazing.

Of course, the types of exercises one is looking for would be those that are paced & repetitive: Lifting weights, holding planks, rowing or running. Where everything follows a pattern and we all know what happens next. Here time seems to go real slow, the more tired we get. So music becomes a great companion to entertain our thoughts. For the more unpredictable ones, where anything can happen in a split-second, like Basketball, Rock-Climbing or Taekwondo, those headphones better come off. Because these sports demand our full attention, and the last thing we need is PSY’s “Mother Father Gentleman” distracting us. From that spinning back hook to the temple.

The Science Behind It
Aiming for the best BPM(Beats Per Minute) the songs we choose should shoot for a range between 120-160. Listening to the correct tempo, our body seems to automatically synch itself to the music. Usually without us realizing it(at first), our feet tap to the rhythm with perfect timing. An trait absolutely essential to Hip Hop dancers, who constantly have to sync their movements with the music. Even before the brain gets consciously involved, our body is already staring to shift gears: Pumping up the heart rate & flexing the muscles. Conscious thought cannot be allowed to hit a dancer on stage, because everything has to flow subconsciously with zero distraction. Even a single missed beat can cause disaster. And following this physiological change, the psychological one starts to kick in as well. Since the music has created an environment that just hyped up the body, the brain gets the proper signals and naturally feel more motivated to tackle the challenge.

The body is more reluctant to move when it is relaxed. Just like before a workout. Instead of contemplating a warm-up, music helps to push us onto our feet and just do it.

Especially in K-Pop, dancers automatically sync their bodies to the beat. Conscious thought never comes into play, and everything just pours out & flows as rehearsed over & over in the studio. Pure muscle memory.
(via TSENT2008, B.A.P “Warrior” MV)

Music can give the motivation to work out even for the most reluctant people. And make them enjoy it.
(via tumblr)

Music, The Motivational Factor
So now we see that Hip Hop can’t survive without music, which serves as the much choreographer as the prime motivational factor for dancers. To keep up the pace of dancing for just 4 minutes is no easy feat, mentally & physically. Especially when they have to maintain their cool all the way to the end. So dancers have to be naturally fit. To do that they need to have had a strict workout regime. And once more music is what helps them pull through their dull workout episodes.

“Sweat is what happens when your fats are crying.” -Fitness Motivation Quote

Hope that got you motivated!

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