Rhythm Heaven: A Nintendo Fever

illus. covergalaxy.com

illus. covergalaxy.com

Rhythm Heaven: DS
Developed by Nintendo’s R&D branch & TNX, Rhythm Heaven hit stores across the world first in Japan(2008), followed by North America, Europe, Asia & Australia(2009). Built for DS, the game utilizes the device’s touch-screen features like other DS games, except that you had to “rotate” your console and hold it like some kind of e-book. Game review sites, as well as gamers themselves, gave it some generally high ratings out of ten: IGN(9.0 & an Editor‘s Choice Award), GameSpot(7.5) and Gametrailers(8.7). Most of it which must have come from the simplistic, Candy-crush-like addictive gameplay.

(via user CGRundertow on Jan 18, 2012)

What makes Rhythm Heaven such a hit is its appeal to our natural love for rhythm. Like some good old Nintendo dubstep. The game draws its high scores from players who can smoothly follow the beats’ rhythm. Which might take some practice on higher difficulty. Tap tap, tap tap tap. Nevertheless, while tap, tap, tapping your way through to the 50 different levels, you get to feed your inner gamer’s needs in unlocking achievements(medals), moving on to the next level, getting “Superb” ratings and reaching the credits. Tap tap tap tap, tap tap.


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(via wikia.com, Nintendo Power magazine April 2009)

Rhythm Heaven Fever: Wii
This is the successor to the game’s DS 2008/09 version, built for the Nintendo Wii platform and coming out in 2012. While the rhythm jamming has gone back to A/B buttons, it now includes multiplayer. And like its predecessor, don’t be fooled by slow tempos in the beginning, because you might just get a surprise when the song picks up. Different visuals fit the different themes on each level, but most veteran gamers advise to just stick with the flow & not get distracted with the flash animations too much. Especially when you’re pulling yourself together from a missed beat.

And of course, to have fun with it.

Here’s a jam session from the “Double Date” mini-game:

(via user farfromsubtle on Feb 22, 2012)

“Rhythm Heaven Fever is particularly exciting at home. Unexpected mistakes will please your family. For example, if a couple plays, the boyfriend—who’s always teasing his girlfriend—may find his girlfriend is much better! (laughs) Then, once you do it three or four times, you’ll definitely improve. That’s an important point.”-Tsunku, Music Composer

Covers from the Japanese & North American release.
(via giantbomb.com)

Some P1 vs. P2 multiplayer fun. Just take care that while you mostly jam the beats together, there are some solo moments where the other player just watches. And laughs when he/she misses.
(via gamexplain.com)

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