Taylor Swift: I Knew You Were Trouble

illus. aftersounds.net

illus. aftersounds.net

This hit song went out & about on October 9th last year as a single to promote her 4th studio album, Red, which would hit the selves 13 days later on October 22nd. This time she went for a more “rocker” look, sporting messy hair with red tips. And with the torn-on-purpose style outfit to our taste. Out of high heels and into boots, out of those senior prom days of You Belong With Me and into clubs, being forced to watch a fight, betrayal & waking up in the middle of nowhere. The theme of “dating the wrong guy” is there, but it looks like she’s blaming herself too for whatever happened. Because she foresaw it.

“I think…I think when it’s all over it just comes back in flashes you know? It’s like a kaleidoscope of memories.”

The MV opens with a disheveled, lost-looking Taylor who’d just woken up alone & in the middle of nowhere. All around her random stuff litter the place, apparently recently abandoned. Just like her. On a bed of desert terrain, distant bushes the only other signs of life. Lying on the cold, hard ground. Then a flashback hits her. Then another one. She turns her head around like she’s looking for something, then gets up on her feet. So, she’s not physically hurt. Another flashback. Like jigsaw puzzles, she puts them together with the present scene in front of her. And then she remembers all.

“It just all comes back…but he never does.”

The flashbacks become clearer & each longer, eventually turning into returning memories. Something that might give clues as to what happened last night. Then the guy comes in. But he never does…the next few moments we see her having a somewhat enjoyable time with him. Car ride. Playing along tracks. Making out softly. Smiles & kisses everywhere. Like he was the perfect guy. How can the devil be pulling me towards someone who looks…But from her earlier confessions we already knew that he was far from it. We‘re just missing out on specifics. …so much like an angel…

Taylor puts her finger on the bulb, knowing full well(logically) that it was hot.(nashvillescene.com)

(via Tumblr)

She gets back on two feet & yells out, arms wide. Looking for someone. But when she realizes no one else was there we see her arms warped around herself, a sign of someone seeking comfort when alone & probably insecure. In the bleakness of the place & the situation, her mind tries to comfort her by playing out sweet memories. But sour memories seem to catch up to her in the end. What’s more she… realizes the blame’s on [her]… So shame on [her]…the joke’s on [her]. The brunt of her self-chastity look like they physically weigh down on her. She falls back down onto her knees. Cradles her head in her hands. Lies back down with her hands on her chest.

Looking none too pleased with herself. Pointing blames at herself while looking in the mirror, as if she wants to blame it somewhere else but just couldn‘t, because she believes strongly she‘s at fault. (rickey.org)

The red tips & messy hair serve as a memento of her past, since before she hooked up with him Taylor’s hair was a neat, combed blonde.

Her desire overrode her logic, and she found herself on a bad road in the relationship. I guess you didn’t care & I guess I liked that…her persona represents a girl who simply gets charmed by the “bad boy” personality. The cowboy with an exciting, dangerous life that …moved too fast & burned too brightly. As much as a little voice in her head screams that this is all going to make her regret, another voice seems to say that it’s a rare opportunity to do more in her life…[flying her] to places [she’s] never been. Just like the dubstep experiment in the song itself.

She knew he was trouble, but guessed that it would be fine.

(via taylorswift.com)

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