Sensor Music Player: An Intuitive App

(via user BelgiumTechVideos on May 18, 2013)

Sensor Music Player
Got a good look at the video? We all did. Many of us even have it downloaded already. And needless to say a lot of music lovers out there are just loving the app. Sensor Music Player was first launched on 21 August 2011, according to the developer’s Facebook page. In a nutshell, it works like most music shuffle players, except that it has a more unique feature: Users can skip/rewind/playback/pause any track on their playlist by simply waving a hand in front of their handheld device. Or with your device locked, placing in your pocket & tapping on it makes it skip to the next track. Placing it on a table & tapping the table surface next to your device has the same effect.

All this, of course, to remove the need for opening up your screen all the time to change/pause/play tracks.

Here is a little screenshot we took from the comments page on Google Play Store:
Like most apps there will always be bugs to clear & room for improvement. But this little invention is probably ingenuity at its finest. These are the kinds of ideas that make our lives a little easier, paving the way for even better ideas. And just look at that middle comment by user Paul Barham.

If anything else the app is available in Google’s Play Store for Android. For free ^.^
Featured Image: Favim

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