“Joy Of Music” Sculpture

Capturing the “Joy Of Music”
The broad smile of the violinist brings little doubt to the jovial atmosphere. Every one of them appears to be well-groomed & well-dressed, like they prepared for this moment. A moment captured in a still. Even on bare white cement, they take the stage. And play in unison. Some might take their faces carved in bronze as cold, unmoving, devoid of colour. Yet sometimes we forget the how bronze protects them from time & her erosive elements. Our time. But for them, time has stopped. Like an image frame, they will remain in their poses. Except they are not posing; not even trying to. They are enjoying themselves.

In the end we realize that, this is simply how music can bring family & friends together and make them happy, no matter what the setting may be.

illus. Lynn Trimble

illus. Lynn Trimble

This life-size bronze sculpture in Fountain Hills, a town in Maricopa County, Arizona is but one out of 21 known replicas. The rest are found at various locations throughout the US, both public and private. Hastings College in Nebraska, Dearborn & Holland in Michigan, Ripon College in Wisconsin and Drake University in Iowa are among the places the public eye can see it.

“The models for children in the sculpture were my niece and son. The violin player was my friend and fellow sculptor Dan Ostermiller. The flute is played by my sister-in-law Bets (Holland) Lundeen. The bass player is me.”-George Lundeen

(Photo: news-gazette.com)

Artist Bio
George W. Lundeen is a professional sculptor, Masters in Fine Arts(University of Illinois) and member of the National Academy of Design & the National Sculpture Society. He has commissioned many other figures with a similar bronze outfit, though perhaps not of the same theme. In different works he draws inspiration from different people, but his love & passion for sculpting blossomed fully while in Florence, Italy, where he studied for a year at the Academia de Belle Arte under a scholarship. Some of his more prolific works, like Summer Showers-Girls is worth around 33,000 USD in the Sorrel Sky Gallery, Colorado.

And like in any kind of art, Lundeen’s creations are meant to provoke human thought, attention and emotion.

In Hastings College, where Lundeen is an alumni from 1971, this sculpture by the chapel is in memory of Julie Soderquist, Master of Arts in Teaching who died of cancer (via Becca Dickinson)

Photo: David Peterson

Snow blankets on the Drake University campus.

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