Avril Lavigne: Here’s To Never Growing Up

Hardcore fans who had been following rock star Avril Lavigne since her Let Go days nearly 11 years ago will be scrambling for their old albums. Because right here in her new single Here’s To Never Growing Up, released on Thursday, the Canadian singer just went all the way back to her “punk” style.

And we really mean all the way back.

This little scene will get way messier later on. Including that book. Poor book.(via bestmusic.ro)

“When the sun’s going down, we’ll be raising our cups” The party’s gonna get down at sundown!(via zimbio)

And she’s wearing a Radiohead tee!(via tumblr)

The guilty party. And look at Mr. Eye Patch.(via gotceleb.com)

But then again, when we really compare this back to Complicated, we get to notice some things. A decade ago, and in her adolescence, she was a hooligan. Few seconds in the MV when her friends asked “So what’d you guys wanna do today?” she suggested, without any hesitation, to “crash the mall”. And all along the video we see teenage Avril & her band of “thugs” harassing the guy in the hot dog suit, toppling down stacks of shoeboxes, disturbing some guards, raiding a bike store & making a mess out of the clothing & sports stores.

Back to 2013, it looks like she’s going for it again. This time in a senior prom setting, we see a guy spraying graffiti, a group crashing the pool long after closing hours in their prom outfits and then in later parts everyone wrecks the place, flinging chairs, confetti and stuff all over the shop.

Once Avril pumps up the atmosphere & hits the chorus, we hear everyone echo:

Oh whoa, oh whoa, here’s to never growing up
Oh whoa, oh whoa, here’s to never growing up

Looks like many of us have noticed her little homage to her single, Complicated(left) back in 2002 complete with the white tee & black tie(via vulture.com)

But while she bears a striking resemblance to herself 10 years ago, when we look closer the 2013 Avril in the vid has a thicker make-up, lip gloss & eyeliner. And her hair, other than the cute blondness, it’s become messier too. Later, in small glimpses we get to see that she has had more tattoos now than back then. To be honest she looks more innocent back then. And now she’s sporting more fashion-line outfits, like the dress & the gothic wear which look more professionally tailored than the simple sleeveless top-baggy pants mix in 2002. Even though she’s still got her “punk” thing going on, she’s got over a decade behind her since she was 17. Mistakes she made as a teenager, won’t happen anymore. Heck, she’s been involved in countless charities & even has her own foundation for the youth ill & disabled, and she’s got her own clothing line too. A philanthropist & a businesswoman.

So it looks like she likes to play sober gal in Nobody’s Home or When You’re Gone, to make us forget what she originally was. Just when we thought she’d gone sour & mellow, she cooks up this “Sk8r Boi” attitude all over again and shouts “Hey, I’m a pop punk princess”. Her 5th studio album, which is still waiting for a title, would be out later in September. And Avril says it will be a musical opposite to her 4th album Goodbye Lullaby. Which means we can expect some more “punk” & less “princess”.

via vaniaandfatloui.blogspot

Featured Image: Billboard

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