Huai Nan City’s Piano & Violin House

Grand Plans
A local takes a trip down Huai Nan City(淮南) in China’s An Hui Province(安徽) on a cool, breezy morning. Likes she does every single day, to get to computer science classes at her local college. Anhui University of Science & Technology. And every day she would pass by a particular stretch of land, one that already has the foundation of a new building. Except this one seemed different. She’s been hearing rumors of a grand building of some sort. Curious. Yet it seems day by day the strangely shaped structure of the new house of black & white glass becomes more apparent. Then the semester study break comes. She forgets about her little curiosity for a while. A few weeks later her exams are over, and her parents seem excited to bring her over on a little trip downtown. Not expecting anything surprising, since this is her hometown after all, she nonchalantly accepts. Yet when they arrived at the destination, she could not help but gasp. For in front of her lies the nearly fully-constructed building that she’d been passing by each day for the past few months. And it was probably the most beautiful place she had ever seen in the entire city.


The building in question is the famous Piano & Violin House, built in the newly-developing Shannan district in the east of Huai Nan City. Designed by the architectural design faculty students in Hefei University of Technology(合肥工业大学), in collaboration with a local company, it was built in 2007. Reportedly built to a scale of 50 to 1, the apex of the glass violin’s fingerboard stands at over 30 meters high.

illus. summersnow1993.blogspot

The glass violin itself houses a set of stairs which leads into the main building, the piano. Inside are two concert halls which are usually used by music students from a local college. There is also an Urban Planning Exhibition Hall where future architectural plans for the city are put on showcase.


illus. lugaresquever.blogspot

At night the Piano House lights up in a wonderful, bright neon fashion.


illus. rodshot

Aerial view of the structure during construction period.

illus. manymeans.blogspot

In all its glory. A monument to the two most revered classical instruments of all time.


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